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Welcome to Yak Attack.

Yak Attack was the brainchild of race founder, Phil Evans. The original Yak Attack race around the Annapurna Himalayas was born out of Phil’s passion for adventure and a love of Nepal that began in 1989 after a two month trekking trip to the Annapurna region. His idea was to develop a mountain bike race that would test the mettle of the most adventurous athlete, and the Annapurna Circuit was decided to fit the bill perfectly. Following in the footsteps of the UK's famous Man v Horse events, the decision was made to also let runners enter the race; and, in 2007, 3 international mountain bikers, 1 international runner, 7 Nepali mountain bikers and 1 Nepali runner stood on the start line of Yak Attack in Besi Sahar, at the foot of the Annapurna Himalayas.

After eight years, the event has evolved into a pure mountain bike adventure race, which now attracts a wide array of world-class athletes, from current world ranking mountain bikers, to ex Tour-de-France and Olympic cyclists, to professional explorers; all seeking to be pushed to their limits in one of the most spectacular natural arenas on Earth.

Following the success of Yak Attack Annapurna, Phil and his team are in the process of bringing the unique Yak Attack race formula of Competition, Cameraderie, Adventure and Good Times to different regions of the world over the coming years through the Yak Attack World Challenge Series.

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World Challenge Series.

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The Yak Attack World Challenge Series will see a proliferation of Yak Attack formulated events in some of the world’s most inaccessible and least developed regions over the coming years. Each race will be a multi-day, stage race that pushes its riders to the limit, both physically and emotionally, through hostile terrain and climate in unfamiliar and challenging settings, which will result in the experience of a lifetime for modern-day adventurers.

The first race outside of Nepal will be Yak Attack – Rumble in the Jungle, in November 2014 on the beautiful and island of Sri Lanka. This epic adventure will be a test of nerve and endurance traversing the scorching jungles, mountains and tea plantations of Sri Lanka in what promises to be one of the toughest jungle races on the planet. Following that, we take our adventure MTB race format to South America for Alpac Attack, to be held in April 2015. This race will traverse the Patagonian Andes through Argentina and Chilie, one of the most sparsely inhabited regions on Earth.


Due to the success of Yak Attack over the years, we have been able to make some small contributions to the Nepalese MTB community through our Yak Attack Foundation. In 2013, we financed some of the top riders to the Asian MTB Games in China, to the prestigious Langkawi event in Malaysia, and supported Ajay Pandit Chhetri, the current Yak Attack Champion, for a season of racing in the UK. This year, we will be financing the top 3 riders to the World Cup in South Africa. This exposure to more competitive international fields has already had an impact on the team's level of performance and professionalism which, in turn, has helped to raise the profile of the sport in Nepal and the potential economic, health and well-being benefits for young people working, or striving to work, in the country's fast growing mountain biking industry.

We will also be offering free entry for five local riders in the 2015 Yak Attack, as well as already taking the current male and female Nepali Yak Attack champs (Ajay Pandit Chhetri and Laxmi Magar) to Sri Lanka in November to compete in Rumble in the Jungle.

Another cause close to our hearts is the welfare of animals in Nepal. Therefore, we are also strong supporters of the Himalayan Mutt Foundation, a great association that is working towards vaccinating and neutering dogs in the Annapurna region and we will be providing ongoing support to their cause in the future.

It is thanks to all previous Yak Attack entrants that we are able to help support these worthwhile projects and, as our race series grows, we hope our support can be even greater in the host countries of our events . If you would like to make a donation to the Yak Attack Foundation or maybe raise funds through a sponsored event (such as YA2015!) then please contact for a sponsor form.


The potential of the Yak Attack Global Challenge Series provides a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to come on board to be a part of the growth of the exciting and quite unique brand of adventure racing that is Yak Attack.

The Yak Attack team comprises of a highly professional unit of twenty first century experts in all aspects of technical mountain biking and adventure race planning and organisation, as well as expertise in innovative branding, technology, marketing and communications.

As a fledgling but ambitious global brand we are currently providing sponsors with the fantastic opportunity to come on board to invest in our unique potential with attractive sponsorship offers for the 2014 Yak Attack events in Nepal and Sri Lanka, and the future Himalayan Triple Crown Series.  Please find these investment opportunities here:

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