About | Alpac Attack 2016


Race description

AlpacAttack takes riders on a journey through the pristine wilderness of northern Patagonia, Chile; a sparsely populated region which is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Starting in the shadow of Volcan Villarica, 6 stages of mountain bike racing will push competitors for 500km and 15000m of ascent over gravel roads, mountain trails and single track.

The race will be centred around 2 locations, Melipueco and Malalcahuello, selected for their close proximity to a mixture of the best natural mountain biking trails in the country and some of Chile’s wildest national parks.

Stages vary in difficulty from a “comfortable” 64km, to a leg burning 100km with 3420m of ascent, with mother nature throwing in her own set of obstacles in the shape of the infamous Patagonian¬† weather. Conditions can change from warm and sunny to close to freezing in a matter of seconds, snow can be encountered at altitudes over 1400m and the legendary ferocious Patagonian winds can pick up at a moments notice.

Having the least technical riding of all our races, AlpacAttack won’t suit those searching for endless singletrack, but for mountain bikers looking to challenge their endurance and mettle in one of the world’s last remaining wildernesses, AlpacAttack offers one almighty adventure.

Race Format

For 2016, AlpacAttack will be conducted as a single category race, where gender and age will receive % reductions to overall timings as below.

  • All females – 7% time reduction (+ age consideration as listed below)
  • 18 -39 0% time reduction
  • 40-49 3% time reduction
  • 50-60 7% time reduction
  • 60+ 15% time reduction

All riders will start together at the same time each day and the time reductions will be applied after each stage is completed. Stage and overall winners will be those with the lowest times after the time reductions have been applied.

Cash prizes (to be confirmed) will be awarded to top 5 stage finishers for each stage and cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to the top 5 overall winners.

Overall category winners will still be recognised and rewarded with trophies.

Medals and event t-shirts will be awarded to all finishers.



The YakAttack team prides itself on personal rider care and comfort.

The hotels used during the race are the best in the area, vetted for their cleanliness and comfort. 3 meals per day are provided during all race days and these will be tailored towards the needs of endurance athletes, with big portions, heaps of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin rich foods.

A medical team will be on standby at the hotels to advise and treat any ailments that may arise during the race, and a first aid team / sweeper vehicle will follow the race wherever possible to treat any injuries/ fatigue that may happen during a stage.

Water / Aid stations will be fully stocked with clean drinking water, Torq nutritional products, including energy powder, gels and bars, together with fruits, breads and savoury snacks to cater for every taste. Torq Recovery powder, will be available for post ride recovery at the hotel.

English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking support staff will be available to answer any questions / concerns that riders may have.

Mechanical services ( at extra cost, see FAQ) will be available at the hotel for all riders requiring either a basic bike clean and lubricate, or more extensive repairs.

A sports massage service is also available for riders, in either 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. See FAQ for more details