FAQ | Alpac Attack 2016


Do I need a visa for Chile?

If staying in Chile for less than 90 days most countries do not require a visa to enter Chile. However a few countries including Australia and USA are required to pay a fee on arrival. Please check in advance with your relevant Chilean embassy for up to date information.

How do I get to the race start?

The closest airport to Pucon is Temuco (ZCO). There are daily flights to Temuco from Chiles major airport in Santiago (SCL). Most major airports around the world have flights to Santiago.

How do I get from Temuco to Pucon?

Pucon is approx. a 1.5 hour drive from Temuco airport. We can arrange a transfer for you (option via the application form) at a cost of $100 per vehicle (1 to 6 people) or there are many transport companies online that you could book this service through.

Can you recommend a hotel in Pucon.

For those on a budget we highly recommend the Pucon Hostel. They have beds from $15 per night – http://www.puconhostelchile.cl/publish/

For mid range accommodation we recommend Hotel Vientos del Sur . Double rooms from $100.

For those looking for that little bit of luxury before they start the race, we would recommend the Hotel Huinahue. Rooms from $132 (not including tax)

Where does the race finish?

The race finishes in Malalcahuello on April 3rd. From here it is a approx. 1.5 hours drive to either Temuco or Pucon. We can arrange transfers to either destination for the following costs –

Malalcahuello to Pucon – $220 per vehicle (1 to 6 people)

Malalcahuello to Temuco – $120 per vehicle (1 to 6 people)

(options via application form). If you are planning on flying out from Temuco on the 4th April then please allow enough time for transfers and check in before your flight.

I will be travelling with my bike in a bag / box. What will happen to that during the race?

If you are returning to Pucon after the race finishes, you will be able to leave you bike bag / box at your hotel in Pucon. However if you are going directly to Temuco from Malalcahuello then we can transfer your bike bag / box to the race finish point. (option on application form).

How do we get to the race start?

Riders will be transferred to the race start of Curarrehue from the race hotel in Pucon by coach. The transfer is around 50km and will take approx. 1 hour. The bikes, which will be need to be built and ready to ride, will be transferred by trailer. All rider luggage will be transferred directly to the night’s destination of Melipeuco.

Will I need to be in my race kit during the transfer?

You can wear some warmer clothes over your race kit, which can be handed to the organisers at the start of the race, which will then be transferred to Melipeuco. You will need to carry with you on the transfer everything you require during the race as the main luggage will go directly from Pucon to Melipeuco.

What is the accommodation like during the race?

The race will be centred around 2 locations, Melipeuco and Malalcahuello.

In Melipeuco we will stay at Los Pioneros – http://www.lospioneros.cl/

In Malalcahuello we stay at Suizandina – http://www.suizandina.com/en/home.html

On what basis is the room sharing ?

Whilst we use the biggest and best hotels in the area, accommodation is still very limited and thus so are room combinations. However, we endeavour to accommodate couples in private rooms and keep friends together.
Rooming will vary from double / twin to cabana style with up to 4 sharing.

Can I take a tent?

Yes, there are camping facilities at both bases, but you will need to be responsible for setting up your camp and you must supply all required equipment. There is no discount on the entry fee for campers.

What will the weather be like?

The end of March is the start of autumn in Patagonia. The weather can be changeable. Temperatures of 20c+ can be experienced, but also temperatures below 5c are not out of the question. Strong winds are almost guaranteed and it can change from sunny and warm to cold and wet in an instant. Snow could be possible at some elevated points around the route.

What will the food be like?

3 meals a day will supplied during race days. All will be buffet style. Breakfast will be continental in style with breads, muesli, cereals, fruits, eggs, juices, tea/coffee. Lunch (available after finishing the stage) and dinner will consist of pasta, potato, rice, meats, cheese, eggs, salad and breads. Drinking water will always be available at the table.

I am a vegetarian / vegan. Can you cater for me?

Yes. Most dietary requirements can be catered for. There is a section on the application form to let us know of any specific requirements. Given plenty of notice it is usually possible to fulfill most requests but in the unlikely event it is not possible we will let you know before confirming your place.

Are soft and alcoholic drinks included in the cost?

No, but these can be purchased separately from the hotel.

What kind of bike is best for AlpacAttack?

In our opinion this is totally down to the rider. In 2015, the first placed rider was on a hardtail, 2nd place was on a short travel full suspension and 3rd place was on a hardtail. The female winner was on a full suspension. We wouldn’t recommend a fully rigid single speed, as the corrugations can be hellish and the climbs long and steep, but no doubt it could be done. Choose the bike you are most comfortable with, you’re going to be on it for some long hours !!

Am I fit enough to complete AlpacAttack?

We get this question the most for all our events and it’s the toughest to answer. Take a look at the stage distances and elevation profiles then try and gauge if you could ride this in less than 8 hours. Then judge whether you can do this for 6 days consecutively? Only you can really know if you are up to the task, but if you have any concerns or need advice then we are here to help. Just ask!

Will there be bike washing facilities each day?

Yes, both hotels will have hose pipes available for bike cleaning purposes. But if you intend to clean your own bike then you will need to bring your own bike cleaning equipment and lube etc.

Will there be a bike mechanic?

Yes, there will be a bike mechanic based at the hotels. A bike wash and lubricate can be booked in advance at a cost of $120 for the 6 sessions via the application form. This will also entitle the rider to a reduced fee of $20 per hour for additional repairs that may need to be carried out. A bike clean and lubricate can be booked on the day at a cost of $30, with additional repairs at $30 per hour, but priority will be given to pre-booked clients.

Will there be back up and a doctor available?

There will be a fully qualified doctor based at the hotel and a paramedic team will (wherever possible) be sweeping each stage in case there are any injuries during the race. Please complete the medical section on the application form as comprehensively as possible so that our doctors are armed with all the correct information relating to your medical history.

Is it possible to take a non-riding companion?

Of course!! We would like nothing more than for you to have your family or friends along to support you. They will receive the same accommodation and meal plans as the riders together with vehicle transfer between stage venues. Where possible companions will be invited to help out at feed stations or follow the race in sweeper vehicles etc. Alternatively they can remain at the race hotel and explore the area on foot or merely relax and wait for the riders to return.

The event is sponsored by TORQ; what products will be available to riders?

Each feed station (2 on shorter stages, 3 on longer stages) will be equipped with a range of products, including Torq energy drink powder, gels and bars. Torq recovery powder will be available at the finish line. The feed stations will also be supplying fruits, cakes and savoury snacks to cater for every taste.

What time does the riding start each day and how long should we expect to be out for?

As the mornings can be quite cold, the race will generally not start until 10am, unless conditions dictate otherwise. On average we expect the faster riders to be riding for around 4 hours per day and the slowest ones to be twice that time, some days will be shorter and 1 or 2 maybe longer!

Will there be race briefings each day and are these mandatory?

Yes, each evening riders will be briefed on the following days stage. It is very important that ALL riders attend this briefing from a safety prospective as important information regarding weather and trail conditions will be discussed, together with details relating to start times, route deviations etc.
Briefings will generally be carried out before dinner at 7pm but timings etc will be displayed on the race notice board in a prominent position in the hotel.

Are there any vaccination requirements for Chile?

No vaccination certificates are required for entry into Argentina or Chile. Patagonia is an endemic diseases free zone, so no special vaccinations are needed to travel. However, as with most travels abroad, vaccinations for tetanus, typhoid, polio and hepatitis are recommended.

How is the race route marked?

Each rider will be sent .gpx files to the exact course a minimum of 1 month before the race commences. All riders are expected to upload these to their GPS device and use this information to navigate the course. In addition to this, the route will be physically marked with prominent markers at regular intervals and any ambiguous junctions etc.

What language will the race briefing be conducted in?

This depends on the mixture of nationalities in the field.

Normally the briefings will be conducted in English but if there are large numbers of either Spanish or Portuguese speaking riders the briefings will also be conducted in these languages.

There will always be English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking support staff available to answer any questions riders have.

It looks like the race is going to be hard on the body. Can I get a sports massage during the race.

Yes. You can prebook either 6 x 30 minute session package for $180, or 6 x 1 hour package session for $300. Both options are available to book via the application form.

It may be possible to book a massage on the day at a cost of $40 per 30 minutes but this will be subject to availability after all prebooked sessions have been completed

Do I need insurance to enter AlpacAttack

Yes. The race is held in a very remote area of Chile. In the event of an emergency, helicopter evacuation maybe necessary. This is a very expensive procedure so it is essential that all competitors have insurance that will cover this and any medical treatment that may be required.

Proof of insurance will be required by March 1 2016. Any riders without adequate insurance will not be allowed to race.


Do the race hotels have WIFI?

Yes. Both Los Pioneros and Suizdana have WIFI but due to the remoteness of the area, the connection can be infuriatingly slow.

I am fit and up for the challenge but I'm not an experienced racer. Would AlpacAttack be suitable for me?

Yes. Due to the remote locations our races travel through, the number of competitors we allow to enter are lower than most mainstream races. This minimises the impact on the environment and the strain on resources in the area. The plus side of this, is that with smaller fields, there is less pressure on inexperienced racers and the support crew are able to support riders on a more personal level.

Im fit and I enjoy mountain biking but I'm not confident on extremely technical terrain. Will AlpacAttack be suitable for me?

Yes. Whilst for 2016 we have included some sections of singletrack, the majority of the riding will be on wider gravel roads and 4wheel drive mountain tracks. With a maximum field of 50 riders there will be no pressure to push yourself beyond your comfort zone on any technical sections that you may not feel overly confident on.

How do I apply to enter the race?

All potential riders need to complete to application form which is available from the homepage, dropdown menu or  here – Application Form. Once we have received your completed application we will contact you with details on  procedures of how to secure  your place in the race. Please fill in details on the application form as thoroughly as possible as this will help us to make a speedy decision on your application.

How do I secure my place in the race?

Once we have received your application and it has been accepted then a deposit of $200 will ensure your place in the 2016 race is secure (full details will be emailed at the time of acceptance). Please note, this is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit and is a statement of intent that you are definitely wish to take part in the race. We will make preliminary bookings based on this, which will incur costs. The deposit CANNOT be refunded at a later date if you change your mind!

What payment methods do you accept for the deposit or balance in full?

At the moment , we can accept bank transfer or Paypal payments. Full details will be included in the application acceptance letter

How much luggage can I take with me for the 6 days?

Riders and companions are restricted to 1 piece of luggage for the duration of the race. This can be up to 100ltrs in capacity and must not weigh anymore than 30kg.

Bags must be clearly labelled with the riders name and easily identifiable to the owner.

Can I download the race rules and regulations?

Yes, you can find them here – AlpacAttack Race Rules and Regulations

I'm thinking of staying on in Malalcahuelo after the race. What is there to do in the area.

Great idea!! Take a look at this promo video published by the race hotel to see just some of the activities available around Malalcahuelo.

Suizandina Lodge Video

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes we do and it is updated on a regular basis with news from all our races.

Just follow this link – TheYakAttack